Thursday, June 23, 2011

Covered Wagons

Alrighty i had to cover the new half ass raised sort of gardens. Look this is the year of use what you have. So the raised gardens are only raised with the amount of wood I found behind the barn. ....Ok off topic the reason for this post is the Covered Wagon which are the netting and how I did it.

I took pictures around the neighborhood of all sort of ways to attach them but this is what I came up with but I'm sure someone else discovered it...Of course.....

So I bought a roll of flexible PVC  and dowels.oh crap and the netting ..Dowels are long wooden poles they come in lots of sizes...I had the guy at the Lowegies cut the dowels into three so for each dowel I got three poles...

Ok so pound the dowel into the ground I left about 6" out

Cut the PVC to size measure measure

 Ok so you pound the dowel into the ground . The PVC  please measure it first and cut it a bit longer because if you want it to go down to the ground you must...Trust me... I did not and I now have very large straws for the giant that should be coming down my bean stock any day now...
This is the PVC on the pole

The PVC bends beautifully

Resting spot....hey why am I not resting?
Very Nice Miss Lani

The straw that is the blanke for the veggies and it keeps them moist

Note the wood walking path just do not drink then walk it....Oui

I planted these roses last year for when people ride by on their horses. My back area backs up to a bridle path....Then below you have my tomatoes ..nectarine and baby peaches ...Alrighty have a good gardening day

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