Sunday, June 19, 2011

Baby Steps

I talked to hubby about the lawn and the water and the land and the waste...I sounded like an old steam engine puff puff .....He only had one word for me "I love my weeds lawn" now is this a man thing? They have control over it, can care for it ,watch it get greener, feed it? Hey wait just a minute is it a wifelawn? Seriously if that   gives him some sort of crazy pleasure so be it...So I asked if I could just take a teenie tiny little bittie part of it out....being the type of couple that does do things 50/50 he gave it some thought looked at my business plan and let me do are the results.

The part of the lawn I took out was all around the Hammock and really useless....And now I have three new azalea's two rose bushes and no grass 

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