Monday, May 2, 2011

Little updates

This is a little Lilac I planted three years ago and forgot about it...found it under weeds...

My Orchid

Easter gift going in the ground next week

Another gift from Daddy pretty

The cherry tomatoes by the house first blooms

the lower raised garden


Brussel Sprouts

Somethin's in dat dar bush
There is so much going on in my yard right now I can barely keep up....The upper area behind the barn is really starting to look like something when everything is in bloom it should be great. I am going to make a scarecrow this week.So i had to transplant my strawberries because the wheelbarrow i had them in died.....there was no way pa could fix it .....but there was room so they are happy .....I am taking a part of the lawn out under the hammock.... it is not easy the hubby loves his lawn I think it is a man thing what ever it is his so he owns it let him be a proud lawn owner...I have cut down on the water and shut off sprinklers we do not need....Weeds are never ending and last night I found yet another gopher is never ending...but I love my yard....

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