Wednesday, April 6, 2011

So here is the little transformation

I keep finding little places behind the barn that I can plant. There is allot of room but keeping in mine that there is a hugh pine tree that I love and will not give up....So I took a pile of my horse compost and made a little area for pumpkins and cantalopes to start. Once they start I left one end open so they can meander down the hill....This is a before and after picture

This is Before

This is after I have two rows of cantaloupe and two of pumpkin
This is the my little raised bed down on the lawn.....the lawn that hubby won't give up the lawn is nice but what a waste of water and space

I planted some sweet pea's in the planter above MY FIRST BERRY !!!!!!!! Gosh I love gardening and so many other things it is endless .......................

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