Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ok update

 Ok here are the Brussel sprouts but they are slow to grow and little buggies
 This is just pretty so many roses are blooming I'm going to take a picture of the red ones....my son apron strings always gets me roses for mothers day ....live plant.... smart boy.....

 Ok so I keep asking my neighbor Dennis for some of his rhubarb to can and yesterday he brought me two whole plants from his garden so today I am getting them in the ground how sweeeetttt

The first picture is before haircut then the haircut then in the ground....nice huh!

Sorry I have not updated this Dirty Lil blog i have been chained to the yard...So much to do and when the weather is this perfect how can you not be in the dirt ..... but right here is a beautiful orchid that never lets me down it is just beginning to bud...and the right pictures is the plumzzzz oh yeas i cn taste the jam now ...on home made sourdough bread

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