Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wow great downpour

Before the sprouts

New little bird hanger

Ta Da

I need to thin them out but Im waiting

My little green house

Ok the first of many for the hill

Close up note the grass we much the lawn

We buy live trees at Christmas then plant them

Humm who is living in my mulch

View from the fruit trees

The rain was insane but i can not complain...hey a poem.....So I put all the papers down and pine-needles and the weeds are popping threw but i will not give up I will just pull the peepers and move on I ran out of pine needles... I have started on all my projects on the list but they are the kind of projects that are on going...he hill is started...now that Ginny the gopher is gone.....The Camilla bush i dug around and fertilized (organic)and got some paves around it ....Planted a few containers with herbs i think they need a more contained environment so container work really good for them...this Friday I am going to Tomatomania  I will get my babies to plant the ground is just about warm enough I may have to keep them in the Greenhouse hey do not get me wrong my greenhouse is small tiny little thing but it works I will grab a shot of it when I go out side today and post it with shots of these things I am talking about...I do have one tomato in a container i had bought it for the tomato hanger my friend Linda gave me but that hanger it was so heavy i got hernia trying to put it up so the hanger is now the place my finches go to eat as pictured here ...lol...works for me

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