Friday, March 11, 2011

The weeds the weeds

This is the area in front of the barn
Ok newspaper and pine needles
I'm adding pavers to gussy it up a bit
I have been so busy here is a picture update with some stats.......In front of the barn is a strip of dirt that has become over run with weeds and my new little friend gimmy the gopher . I am taking a gardening class that said that my pine needles are great to get rid of the weeds and a good mulch...who of thought ...but as I look behind the barn I note no weeds under the hugh pine tree. So this week I have started to take the pine needles down off the hill and there are three years worth so big job but worth it. I have to say the gopher another story this little jackass is so irritating I look and feel like Bill Murray in Caddy Shack. Any help with how to rid myself of these little varmints would be helpful I have done bombs. traps. stuffing horse poop down the holes everything............. but still they are there I'm at wits end. But other wise the yard is happy and I always am to be in it....Knee deep in dirt gotta love it

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