Monday, January 24, 2011

Things to do for 2011...World Garden Carnival

Put some sort of ground cover between the pavers

Plant some bee happy bird happy plants on this hill

Do try to get this beautiful purple tree to grow....

Plant my potato towers in this raised garden

Clean and trim the fruit trees so they grow happy

This is my list of just a few things I have to do this year it is going to go with my challenge which should get my butt in is the link to go get started to be a part of this Carnival

This is a raised garden that i plant every year but never seem to get anything but a sprout so this year maybe try harder study harder and something will grow

This wheelbarrow needs perhaps some strawberries

This butterfly bush another poor little thing....

This is a poor ignored raised garden with the water ready to go I will fix this and I want to plant some berries....

This is a pretty yellow tree I hope to get to bloom the trees I planted three or more years ago and I hope to get them back to life or just life period

This is a camilia bush that like all things in my garden I do not know I just need to take some time this year find some fellow gardeners to help me get my mojo back perhaps this challenge will help me..... I hope to meet new friends and find fellow blogs to help me....

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