Monday, July 12, 2010

Things are looking pretty good

plus I went to this garden center and fell in love with these few items look at the pot with the lady on it...beautiful...then the sunflower is about to burst open I'm so excited because that is the whole reason that i joined the sunflower project use the link on this page to see what it is all about.....And look at my watermelon sweeetttt......i have so much more to show you i promise this week i will catch up...i have quite a project up behind the barn getting the upper yard together i will take some before pictures and we can watch what i will do i could use some help here so your comments are needed and if ya have any friends that have good idea's for empty areas i would adore you for the advise...god bless ...

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  1. Oh! That watermellon is going to be delicious! I've never had any luck growing them, but am trying muskmellon this year.

    I love sunflowers. They are my favorite flowers. Their lovely yellow color makes me just feel good!


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