Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hummm what did I do today

So yes i spent the whole day making pickles for the fair...yup first year and my stuff is going for the blue kinda like going for the gold. I'm excited i will go take the stuff to the fair on Friday and they will judge and poof Big fat blue ribbon...I wish...i mean come on i love my stuff and so do the people i pay to say how good it am going to do my best to keep you guys up to date on my stuff. I have been so busy as usual with all kinds of stuff...but mostly i have been canning...also i have a baby shower coming up and i am going to be doing some cupcake experiments i need to know how much to put in the cup cake thing to make them puffy and pretty does anyone know...what about you Linda you bake so you.......well i promise to keep you more up to date just so much to do and so little time what is with that i need more time in my day i can not possible cut out any more sleep i only get 5 hours as it is and with the weight loss I'm like spaced out and i know that sleep is so important for diet...OK enough like i said god bless and I'll be back....Tomorrow i will post the recipe for the bread and butter i used brown sugar this time and they are so good...Lenore will be know who you are....

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  1. Good luck at the fair! Hope you get the blue!!


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