Friday, May 21, 2010

This weekend is...

totally get in the garden weekend I'm locked in and down for the count and I have got to get that darn pond finished I never realized how much time it takes to do one of those things..... But thankfully i have hubby to help...I also need to get up behind the barn and check on the fruit trees and get some shots for the blog...Hey I have an orchid on the patio at work and lord have mercy it bloomed ...we got this plant from an ole' man who came into the office and i struck up a conversation about what he does. He is the main supplier of orchids in the Ventura county area he and his son one day he comes in after an appointment and brings two orchid plants....I thought they were going to die so i took one home and left the other on the patio the one at home is looking not so hot but deo not fret I will give it some love the other day one of the girls came to the front and said hey Lani the planton the patio has a flower....not thinking that there would ever in this world that a orchid would bloom I said oh the gardenia? no ...hum the what ever! then today i went to the patio and saw the orchid look is it not beautiful....Just made my day now I go out a couple of times a day just to look at gives me such joy to think of the man who brought it to the office and the joy i get just from seeing it...the point of the story that all things growing are so wonderful........Woe who a thought that the story of my weekend would end up the story of the orchid but it is one more dirty little story ....God Bless


  1. Sounds like you are going to be very busy this weekend. Wish I was putting my garden in :)
    Have fun!

  2. Love the orchid! Sometimes I think I would like a pond but then I think I already have enough things to take care of. Good luck with your! Will you put fish in?


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