Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Roses.... soil from Julezz

This is from my friend and gardening guru Julez...Thank you for sharing my friend and soul mate......

Roses love peat moss so here is my formula: please note I have heavy clay soil so I add sand. If your soil is sandy you can leave it out.

1 part peat moss

1 part sand (washed sandbox type)

2 parts planting mix (not potting mix), if you are growing food use organic planting mix

I stay away from chemical feed and use compost to feed all plants each spring and fall, they love it!

Roses under stress will deteriorate. Keeping them properly fed and watered helps them to fight off pests and disease.

Use a spray of water to remove aphids, chemical bug killers will also kill the hummingbirds and bees that will visit your roses.

Every year in January, be sure to strip all the leaves off and prune stems by 1/3 to a bowl shape, remove any stems growing toward or across the center. Air circulation is another key ingredient to healthy plants.

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