Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Autumn Planting

Planted Swiss Chard here.
Well I finally found a store that actually sells pony packs of vegetables. I got my panties in a bunch when I went to Lowe's and Home Depo and found single pots of veggies for $ 2 + per plant. Go to Hell heck . So when Mama was in rehab the other day I wandered over to the Do-It-Center just to mosey. I went into the garden section and low and behold I look to my right and Lord have mercy Pony Packs of vegetables !

Ahhhhhh Thank you Baby Jesus!

Here is why I like pony packs. I have tried plants from seed and it went ok but not always. Now I do say I love gardening but Master Gardner I am not.

Looks pretty dry but it is not


 So I got 
  • swiss chard
  • onions (red and white)
  • broccoli
  • brussel sprouts
  • cabbage (red and green) for sauerkraut

Hanging little watermelon
Put a knee high stocking to hold it while it grows rather than move it

When I plant a vegetable I need to have more than one because you know that one of the items below will happen.
  • the dog is going to dig it up
  • the ground squirrels will eat them
  • the night rabbits will eat only the top 
  • the raccoons will dig them up toss them aside and look for worms
  • the invisible bugs will eat them
  • Strawberry plants love this garden
  • i will forget to water
So in getting a couple of pony pack of each I am safe even if I only get one plant I will get enough from it to feed only me ! 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Raspberry and Blackberry

Well so far the raspberry and boysenberry bushes are a project in the making. Two years on the boysenberry bush and one year on the raspberry.

I have tried to put plants, bushes and stuff up behind the barn. The garden there is a rough environment. Full sun, ground squirrel and really tough soil. I have been working the soil for about 4 years. We have horses so the poo comes in handy for compost.

I have taken a few years of hard work to get raised gardens, fruit trees. walk ways a swing and a scary crow.

It is a slow process but I think that eventually by the time I am 70 I will have one plum two blackberries and an Senior citizen scare crow.

The view

My work bench

Thia ia the new raspberry bush

This is the little tiny blackberry

Monday, September 10, 2012


Vining rose for gate
Each year on Mother's day my son "Apron Strings" gets me a rose bush. I never had any interest in them. In my mind they were boring and stupid.

Now as the years have gone one into another I adore my rose bushes. I love to cut them and bring them in the house. There are so many !

This little orange one has been transplanted twice and survived and the color is such a bright and mellow orange.

This yellow bush is right next to my fountain and the birds use it all the time to perch either prior to their bath or after to shake the wat3er off.
The orange in this one is so interesting

This red one is under a tree we never even knew we had it. One day I was a beautiful red something behind the tee. It was so red and so beautiful it reminds me of the rose in Beauty and the Beast

These nice candy cane ones are up on the gate behind the barn. When people walk or ride their horses by I thought it was a nice thing to look at. candy cane who would have through that a rose could do the strip thing!

And the last vine-ing was from my sister Casey in Hemet she has since passed so having it up on the gate is really a great memory. Thanks for taking the Rose tour!

Plant Finder

I have spent most of the morning feeling sorry for myself but I snapped out of it in around 5 minutes when I thought of the garden and fall.

What to plant. Sunset plant finder great link.

So easy and you do not even have to know your Zone just your sip. Easy enough!

So I got off my ass and planted. 

New Sexy Pine Tree

This is what I like to call a Sexy Pine Tree. Small trunk and long arms. Not to much on the bottom. I will try to figure out the name but I am finding out my Google skills are not as good as others.

 I found this information and will update through the years as se grow!

 Found it here you go from About dot com. That site seems to Keep things rather simple. "Araucaria heterophylla or Norfolk Island Pine or Australian Pine is a southern hemisphere conifer (not a real pine) native to the Norfolk Islands and Australia. Norfolk Island Pine is one of the few conifers able to adapt to inside the home and is able to tolerate relatively low light levels. In its native habitat, this tree may reach 200 feet in height with 15 pound cones. The tree will grow outside in the United States but only in the semi-tropics.


As Norfolk pine grows upward, the trunk thickens and the pine limbs increase in size. It is not recommended to cut their growing tips off. The lower branches and limbs can shed when dehydrated and will self prune. The dry needles will not come back. The only maintenance pruning to be done is removal of dead lower branches.


Norfolk pines have distinctively flat branches and short soft needles. They enjoy humid environments. As they age, and with the lack of humidity, the needles along the trunk will fall off. Over watering results in sporadic bright yellow needle clusters that come off very easily, and don't come back. Check to see if the plant is standing in lots of water which is not good. These plants do best with consistency so stay on a watering schedule - not too much and not too little h2o.
Light requirement: tree grows in full sun
Soil tolerances: clay; loam; sand; acidic; alkaline; well-drained
Drought tolerance: high
Aerosol salt tolerance: moderate
Soil salt tolerance: good "
"So there you go. This I still insist on calling it My Sexy Pine Tree.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Ok so in the mornin'

Ok so I look like a sister wife....It is 6 am and this is how my garden likes me to look. It is a a la natural thang!

So let us focus on what is going on in the garden. I have come to the conclusion that the area up behind the barn is quite a job. I first thought that maybe moths or some type of bug was eating my snap pea leaves well any thing green on a stem. So I sprayed natural home made remedies, I netted, I scattered broken egg shells I did everything but sit up there and watch them "Mystery Bug" eat!

I also thought this must be happening at night. Not yesterday I went up to the garden to grab some fresh basil and my new baby cucumber sprouts were all Hi Mommy we Ok. I go up to water last evening and they are Poof gone!

 But these ones down by the house do not get touched humm ya think the dogs have anything to do with that. Perhaps the lil bunnies are scared...Good little hooligans.

 Rabbits also devour the tender new leaves and shoots of pea and bean plants. A group of rabbits can devastate a pea plot in a matter of hours. Because they are lower to the ground than deer, rabbits are more likely to eat pea plants from the outside in, at their base. To keep rabbits from getting at their plants, gardeners stake pea plants up, build fences and use garden net over their crops. 

Beetles, moths and slugs all feed on the vegetation of pea plants. These insects invade the plants from above, and settle onto the plant to feed at their leisure. Rather than destroying entire leaves or sections of the plants, insects usually leave holey, wilted leaves as evidence of their presence. Insects can be prevented through the use of pesticides, and by protecting a crop with netting fine enough that insects can't crawl through. 

 The strawberries look lovely. I have two types. My sister Casey gave me some to plant and they are big fatty ones. But I have some I planted a few years back and they are long skinny ones. Just as good but different. Now if the puppy would stop eating them it would be a good day. I swear I have to turn out to the garden each day and snap what ever I can big or small ...It a garden jungle out there I tell ya !

Ok so I copies that stuff from Ehow it was the closest I could get to anything that makes any sense.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

An Artichoke ..holy crap Batman

How cute is that ...I know I said I would not get any till next year. But in hindsight the plant was already one year old when planted...Thus two years first crop.

Here is some information I got forwarded to me from the Mater Gardner at our Community Garden ...Simi at the Garden ..Thanks Bill

Here is the direct link this way I am not cut and pasting and it will give you all the information...Happy digging  ...Artichoke Info